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About Us


RABBITO is a rabbit owner’s one stop bunny shop in the Philippines. It is an online store providing rabbit owners the necessary and appropriate products they need to give proper care to their rabbits like timothy and alfalfa hay, quality rabbit pellets, rabbit treats and toys, and a lot more.

RABBITO was created by two rabbit owners, who officially became rabbit-loving people when they brought home their first rabbit in 2007. Since then, they have owned 6 rabbits whom they love and adore. Being rabbit owners for so long, they have experienced the difficulty that you and most rabbit owners in the Philippines feel in finding the right products for your rabbit. Availability was a huge problem and for a really long time, they purchased hay, pellets and other products mostly from overseas. Realizing that they needed to do something about this, they finally decided to start their own rabbit shop, which they named RABBITO.

More than just providing rabbit owners with the necessary products, RABBITO also aims to create a community where rabbit owners can share experiences, learn proper knowledge and most importantly, work together to improve the lives of rabbits in the country. A big goal, yes? But possible with the help of other rabbit owners and enthusiasts like you.


**Rabbito is owned by the creators of the Bunny PH Blog**


 Meet our bunnies! :3

Acorn is our 8-year old adopted teddy bear. He's really sweet, but very timid. Loves to be carried and hugged, but can easily get startled!

Barley is our 5-year old mischievous boy. He's super playful and full of life! He loves climbing our couch where he would binky for minutes! Then, he expects head rubs after.


We also post regular updates about our bunnies and our guinea pig in our Instagram @bunniespiggiesqc :) Feel free to send us a message there if you have questions regarding rabbit care!