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Bene-Bac Plus Probiotic Gel 15g
Bene-Bac Plus Probiotic Gel 15g

Bene-Bac Plus Probiotic Gel 15g

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Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel is a palatable gel in an easy-to-use, 15-gram syringe containing concentrated FOS and live, naturally occurring microorganisms. For rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel is recommended to be given at any time your rabbit or guinea pig experiences changing nutritional or environmental conditions, such as birth, breeding, post-surgery, antibiotic therapy, weaning, worming, showing, boarding and travel.

Each gram of Bene-Bac provides a concentration of seven beneficial live-culture probiotic digestive bacteria. Each gram provides a guaranteed 20 million colony forming units (CFU) of viable, lactic acid producing bacteria.

PLEASE NOTE: Does NOT come with a cardboard packaging.

EXP: 02/2024