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Health: Grooming & Brushing

Similar to cats, rabbits give themselves baths by licking frequently. Please do not ever bathe your rabbit as it can cause serious stress and may cause the rabbit to go into shock. If you need to clean your rabbit’s soiled feet or tail, you can do so by using a damp cloth or towel, then wipe dry. Others use pure cornstarch as a dry bath for their rabbits as it absorbs moisture. Massage the cornstarch into the fur and gently wipe or brush the dirt out.

Since rabbits constantly lick their fur, it is important to brush them regularly to remove any loose fur that they may ingest. Especially during shedding season, rabbits do shed fur excessively and brushing is a must to prevent blockage in their gut. We suggest to brush them everyday when they're shedding.

Rabbits also need their nails to be trimmed regularly to avoid discomfort. A good pair of rabbit-nail trimmers is necessary for this. When trimming their nails, it is important to avoid the vein and cut only the tip (transparent part). You may need to keep your pet still while trimming. If you find it too difficult, as some rabbits simply hate getting their nails cut, you can ask a rabbit-savvy vet for help.