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First Aid Kit for Rabbits

It's very important to always be prepared for emergencies! As a rabbit owner, you should be aware of how fast a rabbit's health can worsen if not treated immediately. With this in mind, we recommend having these on hand all the time. 

1. Recovery Food

A crucial part of a rabbit's first aid kit. Rabbits tend to not eat when they're sick, which is dangerous since not eating for too long causes their gut to shut down completely. Giving them recovery food like Oxbow Critical Care or MOMI Complete Care gives them the nutrition and fiber that they need to recover during crucial times.

2. Probiotic Supplement

When rabbits are stressed or sick, their digestive track gets easily affected, which can cause huge health issues. Giving probiotics to them can help their digestive tract stay strong and healthy.

3. Dextrose Powder

When your little one is suffering from dehydration caused by diarrhea, dextrose powder mixed in water will come in handy to help him/her recover.

4. Simeticone Oral Drops

One of the most common sickness that rabbits experience is gas or bloating. To remedy this, Simeticone, a safe medicine also given to human babies, can be given to them to remove the gas build up in thier tummies.

5. Syringe for oral feeding

Lastly, to administer feeding or giving medicines to your little one during emergencies, having a good syringe in your first aid kit is a must!

Of course, in case your rabbit's condition does not improve, we recommend bringing him or her to the vet immediately. See our list of rabbit vets here.