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Rabbit Care 101

  • Bunny Bonding

    While some rabbits happily live solo with their human companion, most of them enjoy having another rabbit around. Once two rabbits become the best of friends, it’s truly a wonderful and heart melting experience. But be prepared, bonding two bunnies takes time and a lot of patience. 
  • Health: Barley's Neutering

    Neutering is something we wanted for Barley before he turned one. He really wasn't displaying aggressive behavior towards us, but he was highly territorial. We wanted to have him neutered to lessen his territorial habits and to bond him and our female rabbit, Burrito.
  • Health: Spaying and Neutering

    Spaying/Neutering is the medical procedure in which the reproductive organs are surgically removed to prevent rabbits from reproducing, getting certain life threatening diseases and developing aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, most rabbit owners and even pet shops aren’t aware of the importance of spaying or neutering a rabbit.